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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial received 29th April 2017

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"I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you Liz and Tracey for the care you gave Dad whilst he was still at home.You brought a little something extra into his day whenever one of you turned up and he seemed quite taken with you all(no favourites of course!),so many thanks for that and for generally going above and beyond,and for bringing a little bit more joy(along with a good brisk washing technique!)into Dad's life,it really made a big difference."

Testimonial received 12th December 2016

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"As a family we feel that we were very lucky to be introduced to Liz of Live Life At Home. Our father was refusing to have any assistance from carers, though it was so obvious to everyone else that the only way he was going to be able to remain in his own home was if such support was provided. He was becoming more forgetful and confused and unable to cope with the day-to-day tasks involved in looking after himself. He had depended upon his wife for all housework tasks and following her death a year previously was not going to adjust to looking after himself at the age of 95. Fortunately, Liz skilfully struck the right note with Dad on first meeting him and he changed his tune. Since then, over a period of almost a year, he has got to know Liz and Tracey; he looks forward to their regular visits and appreciates all that they do for him. The fact that Dad sees only the two of them makes their service much more personal than that provided by care agencies who employ a lot of staff and might send many different carers in a short period of time. Dad would hate that.

We believe that it is unlikely that any care agency would tailor the practical help and support given to Dad as an individual in the way that Live Life does. Help with washing and dressing, deal with the results of his incontinence (doing a tremendous amount of clothes and bedding washing every day), do whatever shopping is necessary and make his meals. They also collect his prescription medicines from the pharmacy and ensure that he receives the correct dosages of the correct drugs (he had become very confused about his medications, often forgetting to take them or taking too many.) We know that they will take on more tasks when that becomes necessary. They also cope very well with his self-defeating stubbornness.

What is particularly impressive is that Liz and Tracey take the initiative in dealing with situations as they arise, always reporting back to the family (and seeking permission where appropriate). All the time they are monitoring what is happening from day to day and anticipating difficulties that could occur. At times when Dad has been unwell they have suggested increasing the length and frequency of their visits.

We find all two of them to be very reliable, trustworthy and intelligent. They are sensitive and caring people who communicate between themselves and with us very effectively. They all draw upon a lot of experience in the welfare sector.

If Live Life At Home Personal assistants didn't exist we believe that Dad would now be resident in a care home. We doubt very much, however, whether he would receive in such a care home the standard of care, assistance and support and consideration that he currently receives from Liz and Tracey"

Testimonial received

4th October 2015

Dearest Liz

Just wanted to take the time out to say a big thank you for all of your support you have given me with Dad and prior to that with my Mum before and when she passed away, your care and support have been absolutely superb.

When you were recommended to us we were struggling to find help, as the care agency we were using were unable to give us regular staff and continuity.

We could never have imagined finding such wonderful help. You have taken time to get to know us, given emotional support to Mum and Dad through a very difficult time when already struggling to cope with Dad having alzheimers and dementia and its advancing difficulties.

We were suddenly faced with Mum being diagnosed with vascular dementia on top of her other medical conditions which included insulin dependant diabetes. I found myself totally out of my depth but you were there to help me when life got too much. Always there in a quiet unobtrusive way getting on with the job, professional throughout, such care is hard to find.

When I said I needed a male carer you found us Andy for support for Dad which was fantastic as he then had his 'Chum' to get about with, they are great together and having Andy meant he could maintain his social life.

On the day Mum passed away you made sure I had the support I needed and in the days after, helped with additional support when required.

I truly can't recommend the services that you provide highly enough.

Yours sincerely

Jayne T Woodhouse

P.S. Many thanks to Tracey the unflappable and Jane the super cleaner and chatter box



Liz and Tracey provided support for my father at home for the two months leading up to his peaceful death at home. I cannot praise them highly enough. They were unfailingly compassionate and caring and obviously took great pride in providing a personal service. They spent time getting to know my father and what worked for him. They were also proactive and helped me sort out what my father needed in terms of other services and support especially from the occupational therapists. I shall always be eternally grateful to them for going above and beyond what they would normally provide in terms and support to help me get my father out of hospital so that he could die peacefully at home. An all round wonderful service. Thank you.
Dr. P.D


Dear Liz and Tracey

Thank you for looking after my Dad, You and Tracey always put a smile on his face even though he was desperately ill. You treated him with great kindness and compassion and made sure he never lost his dignity. We also thank you both for the way you gave us comfort and support.

With Love

Jane, Sheila & Peter

Liz Melley has been employed by us since June last year as carer for my husband’s mother, who lives alone in Bewdley. J is increasingly frail and suffers from memory loss.

Liz takes an equal share of her care which includes all aspects of J's life, from organizing her social life, physically driving her around, doing her shopping, liaising with friends, and, of course, most importantly, ensuring she is in good health and looks after herself. We rely heavily on her as we live 40 minutes away making every day visits impossible.

Liz is extremely caring and thoughtful and nothing seems to be too much trouble for her. She is 100% reliable and have never ever let us down in any way at all. (for us, she goes in to J at least three times a day). In fact, she has often gone the extra mile and acted on her initiative, to make a big difference to J's quality of life. She is always self motivated and has a fantastic work ethic.

Liz handles many household administrative tasks and is highly efficient. She has been pivotal in making a number of significant household savings for us. As previously mentioned, she maintains J's social diary and ensure that engagements are not forgotten, and, on days when there is nothing planned she will take her out somewhere, even just for a coffee and a cake at the garden centre.

She is patient to the extreme with a woman whose dementia is sadly affecting her personality. She bears all her moods with dignity, patience and tolerance always smiling and understanding that it is the illness that can make her difficult.

Liz have always been highly communicative with us and keep us very much up to date on what is going on. We get texts or e mails every day and she ALWAYS discuss matters with us before taking significant action. I know that is a great relief to my husband and we both feel we know exactly how things are going.

We would not hesitate to recommend them - they are nothing short of marvellous.

Rupert and Louise A

Testimonial received 29/10/14

Liz and Tracey provided excellent support for my mum who had dementia and my dad who needed some basic care. 

When I met them I was overwhelmed with her personal touch and their ‘can do’ attitude, nothing was too much trouble. This meant on a practical level that my parents were taken to doctor and hospital appointments which were frequent.

Washing, ironing and housekeeping were immaculate. Liz would text me every day to keep me informed of everything from how they were to advice from the doctor etc.

They cooked fresh meals so that my parents had wonderful food and were able to choose what they fancied eating. My dad would update me on the latest delicious meal they had had and the bacon and egg breakfasts he requested on occasions.

Beyond the basic needs, the team went well beyond the call of duty. My mum loved the outdoors and so they took her on walks to the Wyre Forest, they would walk round the garden and field behind the house and bought flowers so that mum could take up flower arranging again. 

They would involve mum in preparing the meal and making puddings such as crumbles, something mum had done all her life but had not been able to do on her own for some considerable time.

Personal touches such as perming and setting mum’s hair, then texting me a photo of the finished hairdo with mum all smiles and feeling good about herself were part of the support they provided. Not only that, this did not feel like a job for any of them, they really enjoyed helping my parents and mum in particular loved their company.

They also brought back a sense of humour and fun, relaxing the tension that dementia can bring to a family. 

Sadly my mum suffered a stroke and passed away suddenly but I feel so fortunate that Liz and Tracey provided mum with such enjoyment and freedom to get out and experience life again, enriching her last months. Thank you everyone – you are very special and I am so grateful to you for all your support through difficult times.

Beckie. L.

To whom it may concern,

Re: Reference for Liz Silk

Liz Silk has been providing personal care and assistance to my son in the mornings for 

more than 12 months now; we had intended it to be for an interim period until we employed our own personal assistant. However, the quality of assistance provided by Liz has been 

excellent; consequently, we felt we would not find better support elsewhere. 

Liz is always extremely professional and yet appropriately personable and friendly. 

She is very conscientious and sensitive and it is always a pleasure to see her. We cannot 

recommend her highly enough.

Yours faithfully,

Sharon B

To whom it may concern,

Re: Liz Silk

Liz is very friendly and professional. She is always very kind, polite and very motherly. I see her once or twice week and I really enjoy her company.

I am always hoping to retain her services for as long as I live. Liz is one of the best support workers  I have ever had.

Yours faithfully,


To whom it may concern

We have no hesitation in recommending  for the excellent support they gave our elderly relative.

Liz, Stay at Homes’ PA’, treated our elderly uncle with efficiency, respect and kindness at every visit. Whatever the state they found him in on their arrival, they left him clean, comfortable and happy. Their wide knowledge, extensive experience and common sense approach were plain to see.

Not only did they enable our uncle to stay at home for far longer than would otherwise been possible, they extended their support to us, his family. Their sound advice was invaluable.

They were punctual and 100% reliable. We found their prices to be highly competitive and their honesty was above question.

If you are looking for highly skilled, reliable Personal Assistants, to help you support a loved one the way you would want to be  supported yourself, then look no further.

on 15/06/2014 - 17:41

Debbie Smith

I have known and worked with both Liz and Tracey for over ten years
They are both incredibly professional and pro independent living.
Their organisation skills are second to none.
They are very thoughtful and caring. They have a great manner and ability to assist in the most personal of care requirements whilst maintaining the need for dignity at all times.

I would trust them with the care of anyone who needs their services, knowing full well they would receive the best care that could possibly be provided

28th Feb 2015

Liz and Tracey took care of our Dad for the last 20 months of his life.

Their kindness, thoughtfulness, loyalty and loving attitude which always shone through will forever be deeply appreciated.

Words aren't enough for what they did for our very special Dad, who will be forever in our thoughts and hearts.

Jane, Julie, Andrew, Kate & David W